Emotional Amber Heard Gives Final Testimony: I Just Want Johnny to Leave Me Alone

The trial between former actor couple Johnny Depp and Amber Heard is gradually coming to an end. Heard has given a final testimony. In it, she said she is traumatized by the abuse she accuses Depp, and that she is also harassed daily and threatened with death.


Amber Heard testified on Thursday that she is traumatized and that therefore she has “rules” to avoid anxiety attacks. “My friends have to live with a set of unspoken rules about how they can touch me,” the actress said. She also said she just wants Johnny to leave me alone.

According to Heard, she has been “harassed, humiliated and threatened” on social media every day since she accused her ex-husband Johnny Depp of physical and sexual abuse. “People want to kill me and tell me so. Every day. People want to put my baby in the microwave. They tell me that.”

She called the attacks part of Depp’s promise to destroy her. “He would destroy my career and take my life away from me. Death was the only way out of the relationship – and if I got away, he would do this to me. He promised me worldwide humiliation.” Depp previously admitted in a text message in 2016 that Heard “begged for total global humiliation” and that she would get it. He said that because he was angry about her accusations.

“His threats to humiliate me globally are now becoming a reality, before your eyes and the entire world,” Heard told the jury in court. “The intimidation and humiliation, the campaign against me that reverberates every day on social media, and now in front of the cameras in court – every day I have to relive the trauma,” Heard said, fighting back tears. “Maybe it’s easy to forget that I’m human.”

She said she hoped the trial would return her voice. “Johnny has taken enough of my voice. I have the right to tell my story.”

After six weeks of testimonies, in which the ex-couple’s dirty laundry was hung outside, the case will go to the jury on Friday. They must decide the allegations of defamation, for which Depp and Heard sued each other.

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