Huawei Takes Sweden to Court for Exclusion from 5G Rollout

While a bunch of countries under American pressure are putting its relationship with Huawei on the back burner, Moscow says it has no problems with the company.


Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov says, according to Reuters, Russian news agency Interfax cites that Russia is ready to partner with China and Huawei Technologies around 5G.

There are not many more details, but the ruling mainly shows that Russia does not intend to ban or restrict Huawei equipment in the country.

In recent months, various countries have turned their cart against Huawei, whereby the telecom manufacturer is not allowed to supply its equipment for 5G, among other things, or only to a limited extent for fear of espionage from China.

Those fears primarily increased after the US increasingly explicitly called for the company to be banned, with allegations of espionage even though the US has never been able to prove that.

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