Russia is Advancing in Sieverodonetsk With Heavy Casualties, Britain Says

Germany wants to supply Ukraine with multiple rocket launchers and a modern anti-aircraft system to fight against the Russian aggressor. During the budget debate, Chancellor Olaf Scholz also promised the Ukrainian armed forces a modern tracking radar.


According to the British secret service, the Russian military is still gaining ground in Sievjerodonetsk, which has been heavily contested for days but is also suffering losses. The main road into the city and two crucial river crossings are still under Ukrainian control. An overview.

According to British estimates, Russian troops have taken most of the embattled eastern Ukrainian city of Sievjerodonetsk. Supported by heavy artillery attacks, the armed forces made local gains, the Ministry of Defense said in London on Thursday. But they suffered casualties. The main road into the city is probably still held by Ukrainian units, it said, citing intelligence.

There are several places where Russia could try again to cross the Seversky Donets River, which is a natural line of defence for Ukrainian troops. If Russian forces were successful there, they could secure the Luhansk Oblast and focus more on the adjacent Donetsk Oblast, the British MoD stressed.

However, both potential river crossing points – between Sieverodonetsk and the neighbouring city of Lysychansk and near the recently conquered city of Lyman – are still under Ukrainian control. The Ukrainians had destroyed several bridges to make it more difficult for the Russians to advance.

London believes Russian troops need at least a brief tactical break to prepare for a river crossing and further attacks in the Donetsk region. There the Ukrainian units had prepared defensive positions. But this threatens to lose the momentum of the Russian offensive.

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