Former Pope Failed to Intervene in 4 Child Abuse Cases

Pope emeritus Benedict XVI fell seriously ill after a trip to Germany. He is said to suffer from wound dandruff, and biographer Peter Seewald told Passauer Neue Presse newspaper.


93-year-old Benedict stepped down as Pope in 2013 for health reasons. He visited his sick brother Georg in Bavaria last June.

It would have been the first time since his departure as a prince that Benedict left Italy. His brother died a few weeks after the visit at the age of 96.

Seewald recently visited the former Church Prince, named initially Joseph Ratzinger, to present his biography to him. Sick Benedict’s voice would have been barely audible at the time.

Despite his condition, an inflammation that can be very painful, the mental was optimistic. He may want to start writing again when he’s refurbished.

Conservative Benedict was the first pope in six hundred years to step down from office. He was succeeded by Pope Francis, who is seen as a reformist.

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