Opposition Leader Starmer Does Not Want a New Conservative Prime Minister

British opposition Labor leader Keir Starmer does not want a new Conservative prime minister to succeed Boris Johnson. “There must be a new government.”


“The Conservative Party has been in power for 12 years now. That party has plunged our country into chaos. The cost of living has skyrocketed in those years. The party can’t pretend it has the solution to those problems. Enough is enough .”

Johnson is expected to resign on Thursday after a new integrity scandal. The prime minister had given a party member a position in parliament, although he knew that the person had been accused of sexual misconduct.

According to British media, Johnson will remain prime minister until a new party leader is elected. He must be appointed before the party congress in October.

Starmer calls it good news that Johnson is stepping down, “but this should have happened much earlier”. “He has always been unfit to lead this country.” The opposition leader says Johnson has made a habit of lying and deceit and should be ashamed of everyone involved.

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