Germany Wants to Amend Legal Texts From the Nazi Period

The number of people in Germany who have been infected with the coronavirus in the past 24 hours is 357. The Robert Koch-Institut, the German equivalent of RIVM, reported Monday.


A day earlier, the number of detected infections increased by 667, on Saturday it was still 1251. So far, 169,575 inhabitants have become infected.

The number of people who died from the effects of the lung virus in the past 24 hours is 22. In total, 7,417 Germans have died since the outbreak of the virus.

In Germany, the federal states prefer to determine the corona policy themselves, all the more so because they find the government in Berlin far too hesitant about the breakdown of the lockdown.

In the federal states of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) and Lower Saxony bordering the Netherlands, the previously initiated relaxation is continuing at a rapid pace.

For example, all shops, large and small, will open again on Monday. Also cafes, restaurants and beer garden reopen, but small bars, clubs and discos generally remain closed.

In NRW, education continues to normalize and residence in holiday centres and camping sites is permitted. Lower Saxony also opens the doors of holiday centres. On May 21, tourists in NRW should be able to stay in hotels again, in Lower Saxony on May 25.

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