UN Report: North Korea Developed Nuclear Programs in 2020

North Korea has prepared millions of leaflets to pour out over South Korea in response to the sending of hostile leaflets to its own territory. This was announced on Monday through state news agency KCNA.


The leaflets are sent to South Korea with three thousand balloons, according to KCNA. Pyongyang announced a large-scale campaign on Saturday in retaliation against sending pamphlets from Seoul.

North Korean defectors who have fled to the south regularly send leaflets. In it, they attack North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and denounce Pyongyang’s human rights violations and nuclear programs.

These messages are usually hung on balloons or packed in bottles.

North Korea will respond en masse, KCNA said Monday. “Preparations for the greatest distribution of leaflets ever against the enemy are nearly complete,” the news agency reported.

“Publishers and printers at all levels in the capital have produced 12 million leaflets of all kinds that reflect people’s anger and hatred.”

Inter-Korean relations have been frozen for months after the failed summit in Hanoi between North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and US President Donald Trump.

The meeting stalled what North Korea would give up on nuclear military aspirations in exchange for easing sanctions against the country.

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