Former Myanmar Government Leader Aung San Suu Kyi Sentenced to Four Years in Prison by Military Junta

Businesses in Myanmar closed their doors on Monday in protest against the military coup. Tens of thousands of demonstrators also took to the streets, despite the deadly violence used in protests last weekend.


In addition to local shops, the branches of some international chains also closed their doors. These included KFC fast-food restaurants and home delivery services. That happened after a major strike was called.

Authorities have warned of the consequences of further escalation. “Protesters are now inciting people, especially emotional teens and young people, to follow a path of confrontation that will cost them lives,” said a statement distributed through state broadcaster MRTV.

Despite that warning, there were again significant protests in Yangon’s metropolis, capital Naypyidaw and the cities of Myitkyina and Dawei. A 22-year-old demonstrator on Monday acknowledged that she was afraid and said prayers before demonstrating. “My mother didn’t stop me. She just said, be careful.”

The country experienced the bloodiest day on Saturday since the army deposed head of government Aung San Suu Kyi at the beginning of this month. Two people were killed when police began firing at protesters in Mandalay city. This raised the death toll from the violence against demonstrators to three.

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