More Than 4.5 Million Corona Deaths Worldwide

Since the start of the corona pandemic, more than 4.5 million deaths from COVID-19 have been recorded worldwide.


Based on official figures, a total of 4,500,620 people have died from the coronavirus since the coronavirus outbreak in December 2019. However, the numbers from Johns Hopkins University are slightly higher: 4,502,268 deaths in total.

Official data from the World Health Organization (WHO) show slightly lower figures for the time being. According to the WHO, 4,496,681 people have died so far.

The US has been hardest hit globally, with 637,539 deaths from 38,798,963 infections, according to AFP, followed by Brazil (579,308 deaths from 20,741,815 infections) and India (438,210 deaths, 32,737,939 infections).

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