Chip Shortage Will Slow German Car Production At Least Until 2024

Mazda is forced to shut down production at two of its factories in Japan at least until Friday. The Japanese car manufacturer is struggling with shortages of parts.


In addition, they cannot be flown from China to Japan due to problems at the Chinese airport of Shanghai Pudong after a corona outbreak.

A ground handling company at the airport was particularly affected. Five employees of the terminal were found to be infected with corona last week. According to media reports, the entire cargo zone at the airport would be closed as a result.

Due to the delay, essential electrical parts have not yet been delivered. As a result, the production stop will affect the production of the CX-5 SUV and other models, Mazda said. According to a Mazda spokesperson, the carmaker does not keep track of which freight carrier carries the parts, but it seems to be the Japanese airline ANA where the problems are.

ANA said in a statement on Wednesday that fewer flights are being operated to and from China. And that there are restrictions on freight due to the Covid-19 situation there. ANA is counting on the situation to last until at least September 5.

Due to parts shortages, Mazda is now shutting down production at its Hiroshima and Hofu plants at least until Friday. It is also uncertain when freight services will resume. Those factories were also temporarily shut down earlier this month due to heavy rain.

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