How to Find Free Camping Sites in Canada?

Are you looking for free camping sites in Canada? If so, you need to go through some research before leaving your home. Additionally, you must keep in mind that you won’t get all the facilities with free camping such as toilets with running water, and other necessities.


To find free camping sites in Canada, here are the following tips:


• Rest stops for camp Canada
The best free camping site in Canada is the rest stops. Throughout the country, you will find a significant number of rest stops across the highway. They are the best places for free camping, especially if you have to stay overnight while travelling from one place to another.

Through the camping at rests stops, you will be able also to get the facility of washrooms at the rest stops. Thus, it will be a fantastic experience in camp Canada without investing a massive amount of money in this regard.

• Supermarket parking lot
Want to enjoy camping at a place where you can also enjoy shopping and have quick access to food as well at the most affordable prices? If so, you will not get a better place than a supermarket parking lot where you can quickly go camping without paying any fee or any extra charges.

The best thing about camping at the supermarket parking lot is that you will have easy and quick access to all the necessities such as food. So, you will not have to worry about packing the meals with you if you are planning to camp at a supermarket parking lot.

• Walmart
Just like a supermarket parking lot, Walmart is another great and most ideal place for this purpose. Around every Walmart store, you will see the vast grounds for parking your vehicles.

Most of the parking space around Walmart is always free and not a rush place in reality. These features make it an ideal camping space where you can even spend a night peacefully without any issues.

• Private businesses
In Canada, you will find a bulk of individual companies or firms after every short distance. They usually open at 9 am while closes at 5 pm. After that, you will not see any public and employees at the outside era of these private businesses.

This thing makes the best to stay by setting a camp for a night or so. Most of the times, you will not find any restriction at doing so and will not be asked to pay any camping charges.

• Visitors information centres
Have you ever heard about visitors’ information centres as camp Canada? There are several visitors’ information centres that also provide a complete guide for camping. Some of them charge a little fee for it while many others are entirely free-of-cost.

Even those that charge some fee for it, you can still camp without paying any tax at their parking lots. Most of the people stay in the parking lots of visitors’ information centre for a day or a night without spending any money.

• Truck stops as camp Canada
You must have seen the truck drivers sleeping in their trucks after the long hours’ driving from one place to another. They usually rest at the truck stops where they can freely park their trucks and rest as much time as they want before heading towards their destination.

You can also park your vehicle at the truck station and rest for a few hours or even for a night without worrying about the bill.

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