France is Loosening More Corona Rules and Opening Terraces

The French government is accelerating on Wednesday in the program to lift the corona restrictions step by step.


Curfew starts two hours later and then starts at 9 pm, and patios and non-essential businesses reopen. This is admittedly with limitations concerning the number of people and the available surfaces.

Museums, cinemas, libraries, theatres, casinos and concert halls also open their doors after being closed for nearly half a year. They have to operate at 35 percent of normal capacity. Recreation parks and zoos also provide access.

There are maximum numbers of visitors or participants, eight hundred people inside or a thousand outside. These limits also apply to sporting events.

The cafes and restaurants can also reopen indoors from 9 June, under certain conditions. The number of people who may gather at sports competitions or cultural events and performances will go to 5000.

In addition, indoor sports facilities will also reopen, exhibitions can be held again, and healthy tourists come. On the last day of June, the curfew is cancelled altogether, and other restrictions on being together in public spaces are abolished.

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