Boris Johnson Embarrassed by Video About Christmas Party That Never Happened During Lockdown

England will introduce new quarantine rules for travellers from abroad from December 15th. They can undergo a corona test after five days of quarantine and no longer need to remain in quarantine if the test results are negative.


Airlines and other companies in the travel and tourism sector have been advocating for months in favour of relaxation of the quarantine rules, which so far required 14 days of self-isolation. Many people, therefore, decided on a holiday abroad or a trip to England.

” This decision gives passengers the confidence to book international travel with the knowledge that when they return home, they will need to go into self-isolation for a shorter period if they are negative tested, “the government said on Tuesday.

The new rules will apply to all passengers arriving from countries that are not on the UK government’s safe-countries list and to passengers from destinations popular with British tourists.

” This announcement will bring light to the end of the tunnel, not only for carriers and the UK aviation industry but also for consumers who want to leave for Christmas or afterwards, “says the chief driver of the British aviation industry association Airlines UK.

Anyone arriving in England by plane, train or ferry from December 15th can register for a corona test at a private provider. This must be on the government list of approved providers. The corona tests must be paid for by the travellers themselves.

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