East Africa Continues to Suffer from Desert Locusts Plague

In eastern Africa, they cannot control the desert locust plague. The locusts ravage fields and rob them. Some swarms are up to 40 by 60 kilometres or 2400 square kilometres of the multitude.


The United Nations is asking for international help: “People who are already struggling now will be even more hungry if we do nothing.

The swarms massively destroy crops in the affected countries, including Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia. But countries outside Africa, such as Pakistan and India, have also been affected.

And more countries will follow, Dominique Burgeon says: “A grasshopper-like that lives for about three months. The female lays eggs in her last month of life and that can be up to 150 per grasshopper.

About twenty of them survive. Say that the population increases twentyfold every three months. Part of the swarm then stays in the country and other part tears itself off and moves on. In this way, neighbouring countries also have to deal with the plague. “

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