‘E-mail Accounts Tele2 Easy to hack via Customer Service.’ The e-mail accounts of provider Tele2 are not adequately secured, according to the reports.


With knowledge of the zip code and house number of the victim, scammers can access an e-mail account of a target.

By calling Tele2’s customer service, assuming to be the owner of the e-mail account,

¬†and sharing the personal information, insider gained access to the victim’s inbox.

For this only had to enter the home address and date of birth: information that many people can find online.

The Tele2 employee stated in the conversation that “it is not acknowledged”, but then changed the password.

Almost 300,000 e-mail accounts are vulnerable
Tele2 has informed that an investigation has been started and that immediate actions have been taken.

For example, passwords can no longer be changed by telephone.

Tele2 manages nearly 300,000 e-mail accounts.

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