Google Allows Crypto Ads Again

The question is whether bitcoin will soon resume its rise to above $ 40,000, according to experts from the American bank JPMorgan Chase.


They say that there is currently less demand from major investors to invest in a significant investment fund for bitcoins, writes Bloomberg news agency.

According to experts, the inflow of new money towards the large investment fund Grayscale Bitcoin Trust of more than 20 billion dollars seems to be about a peak.

Institutional investors can buy a share in that fund and thereby piggyback on the price movements of the bitcoin. But according to JPMorgan, there is now a risk that investors will run down positions.

The Grayscale fund price has fallen 22 percent in the past two weeks, while bitcoin lost 17 percent in value during that period.

The most famous digital currency globally reached a record of more than $ 41,000, helped by the growing interest of large companies and investors in the digital currency.

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