British Prime Minister Boris Johnson Under Fire to Photograph A Sick Child

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is under fire because of the way he reacted to a photo of a sick child. The 4-year-old boy was lying on the floor in the hospital, allegedly because no beds were available.

Johnson reacted tense when the reporter confronted him with the photo of the toddler, who may have had pneumonia. The prime minister initially refused to look at the image on the reporter’s phone. Johnson would have put the device in his pocket.

The prime minister later looked at the picture of the sick toddler. He then spoke of a “very nasty photo” and apologised to the child’s family. The riot comes at a difficult time.

British voters go to the polls for national elections on Thursday. In addition to the Brexit, the future of the National Health Service NHS is one of the most sensitive topics.

The opposition shares the images on social media. “Boris Johnson does not even look at the damage he has caused to people’s lives and the NHS,” tweets the largest opposition Labor party.

Minister Matt Hancock (Healthcare) has already made an unplanned visit to the hospital. He says he is shocked by the photo.

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