Boris Johnson Embarrassed by Video About Christmas Party That Never Happened During Lockdown

A British government commission will investigate racism and disadvantage experienced by minorities in education, health and legal treatment.


Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that. He said he could not ignore the intense feelings of the tens of thousands of anti-racism protesters in the UK.

“What I really want to do as Prime Minister changes the discourse so that we stop thinking in terms of victimization and discrimination,” Johnson said on Sunday.

“We stop discrimination and end racism. But it will not be easy. We have to look very carefully at the real racism and the perception that people face. “

Johnson said the statement was criticized by the advisory chairman of the British government body, which deals with the differences in opportunities between different ethnic groups.

Simon Woolley found it “frankly not helpful” that Johnson was talking about victim-thinking.

“The ‘Great’ in Britain was based on slavery and colonialism,” Woolley told BBC Radio. “We still live with that legacy.”

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