South Korean Law Would Abolish App Store Commission

Apple halves the commission it charges on sales in its own app store for companies with a turnover of up to 1 million dollars.

For those companies, the maker of the iPhone will now charge 15 percent commission, instead of 30 percent.

According to Apple, the new percentage applies to most developers who offer software in the company’s store. In their own words, it is intended to provide support for companies during the corona crisis.

The new scheme applies from 1 January.

A lot has been said about the app store recently. Developer Epic Games went to court because the maker of the game believes that Apple has an illegal monopoly with the store and is guilty of abuse of power. Developers are not allowed to make their apps available through their own websites.

In August, Apple removed Epic Games’ Fortnite game from the app store. This happened a few hours after Epic released a new payment system for mobile players, bypassing the commission to Apple.

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