100-Year-Old British Fundraiser Captain Tom Receives Knighthood

100-Year-Old British Fundraiser Captain Tom Receives Knighthood!


British Queen Elizabeth, who was protected from the corona pandemic, will resume her official reception on Friday by war veteran Tom Moore, who became famous for a corona fundraiser, to the knight that day at Windsor Castle.

Moore brings the family to the castle.

Moore, also known as “Captain Tom”, is 100 years old, receiving his knighthood for his efforts to raise money for British health care during the corona crisis.

He walked many laps in his garden to raise money and became a national hero.

His original goal was to raise £ 1,000 before his celebration on April 30, but that day the counter was already topping £ 30 million.

In honour of his birthday, British Air Force planes flew over his home, and Moore received the honorary title of Colonel.

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