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Five children have been killed, and several other children are in critical condition or were seriously injured after a tragic accident involving a bouncy castle in Tasmania. The police reported this on Thursday.


The bouncy castle, an end-of-year activity at a Devonport primary school, was blown into the air by strong winds around 10 a.m. (local time) on Thursday. “Several children have fallen from a height of ten meters,” said the police. “Five children were killed.” It certainly concerns two girls and two boys, but it is unclear about the fifth victim. Several other children were also seriously injured; at least three are in critical condition.

The activity was organized for sixth-grade students between 10 and 12 years old. They celebrated their last day in primary school. The bouncy castle was just one of the attractions, in addition to games with water. A boy saw it happen and testifies about it at “It was up to us to go after that. But, first, the students of the sixth grade were allowed.”

The emergency services immediately arrived en masse with helicopters to take the children to the hospital as quickly as possible. Hillcrest Primary School staff immediately called all parents to pick up their offspring and was then closed for the day’s rest.

“On a day when those children had to celebrate their last day of primary school, we are now mourning them,” said Commissioner Darren Hine. “Our hearts break for the families and relatives, school friends and teachers.” “This is a tragic event,” said Police Commissioner Debbie Williams.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison speaks of an “unthinkable heartbreaking” incident. “Young kids on a fun outing… And it’s going to be such a tragedy. At this time of year, it just breaks your heart,” said Prime Minister Morrison.

It is still unclear how many children were in the bouncy castle at the time of the facts. It is also unclear how the accident happened. The weather forecast spoke of light winds and sunny weather. The police have opened an investigation.

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