What is Apple Boss Tim Cook Conjuring Up Tonight?

Apple is holding its first principal (online) product launch of the year tonight.


Rumour has it that the event will largely revolve around new iPads, but chances are the Cupertino tech giant will make some other announcements. An overview of what we expect.

One of the Apple gadgets of which a new version may appear at any time is the iPad Pro. The previous model has been on the market for more than a year, which is usually the time for an upgrade at Apple.

The next 12.9-inch iPad Pro is expected to be the first Apple tablet to feature a so-called mini LED display. This new type of screen is more energy-efficient than that of the current iPads and offers better image quality with more brightness, a darker black, and a higher contrast ratio.

A mini LED display is still an LCD screen, with the difference that it contains tiny LEDs that can be switched on and off separately. Apple would also work on iPads with OLED screens, but according to insiders, they would only be on the market later.

In addition to improved screen technology, the 2021 iPad Pro would also feature 5G technology (on the top models) and be equipped with Apple’s latest mobile processor, the A14X Bionic. Connoisseurs also expect a new version of the Apple Pencil. Furthermore, the iPad mini and the classic ‘cheaper’ iPad may also be eligible for an upgrade tonight.


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