Facebook Worth Tens of Billions Less in A Few Minutes

‘Websites in EU cannot just Share private Data via Facebook’. Websites may only share personal data with Facebook in Europe if consent is requested, writes Advocate General Michal Bobek in an advice to the European Court.


The Advocate General responds to the use of Facebook’s button on websites.

Pages on which they are posted automatically send private data from visitors to the social network.

Users should be valued if they want to send their data to Facebook before the liking button sends them.

That is usually not the case at the moment.

The European Court is currently considering a claim about the German Fashion ID.

This web store has the like button on its page and according to prosecutors would violate the privacy law.

No judgment has yet been made in the case.

The advice of the Advocate General is not obligatory and therefore does not have to be followed up by the judge.

In many cases, however, that happens.

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