On Wednesday, A Decision Will be Taken on Trump's Facebook Profile

A senior employee of the Canadian-American voting machine company Dominion has sued outgoing President Donald Trump’s campaign team for defamation.


Since the election in early November, Trump and his supporters have made unsubstantiated electoral fraud allegations against Democrats. According to a widely used conspiracy theory, Dominion would have been the alleged vote fraud linchpin.

In addition to the Trump campaign, Eric Coomer, director of product strategy and security at Dominion, is also suing Trump-affiliated lawyers Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell and the far-right channels One America News Network and Newsmax.

According to Coomer, the defendants appear as if he and his employer are “at the centre of a national plot to elect the President of the United States fraudulently.”

“The defendants, with their actions, put Dr Coomer in the national spotlight, violated his privacy, threatened his security, and fundamentally slandered his reputation throughout the country,” the documents said.

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