US Register A Daily Record of More Than 1 Million Corona Infections

On Monday, the United States registered a daily record of more than 1 million corona infections. This is the largest number of infections in a country that has been reported worldwide since the start of the corona pandemic.


In addition, it is almost double the previous daily record (590,000) recorded just four days ago, also by the US.

The actual number of infections is likely to be even higher. Many Americans use self-tests, so their test results are not always reported to the authorities.

As in many other countries, the highly contagious omikron variant of the coronavirus is spreading rapidly throughout the US. The advance has ensured that many flights have been cancelled in and from the United States. In addition, many schools and offices are closed, and the pressure on healthcare is increasing.

The highest number of corona infections in a day outside the US was recorded in India on May 7, 2021. More than 414,000 people were tested positive that day.

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