US Companies are Hiring Again

American companies are hiring more and more staff, and unemployment in the world’s largest economy is falling rapidly as a result. In addition, new figures from the US government indicate that the labour market in the United States is experiencing a strong recovery.


Last month, excluding agriculture, 943,000 jobs were added. That’s better than widely expected, as economists polled by the Bloomberg news agency expected about 858,000 additional jobs on average. As a result, unemployment fell from 5.9 to 5.4 percent.

The US was very quick to vaccinate its population. As a result, the corona measures there could also be relaxed earlier, and companies started hiring again early. Particularly in the service sector, including hospitality, retail, tourism and leisure, the demand for additional workers has been strong for some time. To attract employees, companies regularly offer higher wages and bonuses.

Earlier this week, figures from payslip processor ADP pointed to disappointing job growth in the American corporate sector. But that included a smaller part of the economy. For example, ADP did not count the jobs of civil servants.

According to the payslip processor, its own figures show that it can also be difficult for companies to recruit staff lately, for example, because there are sometimes too few suitable employees or because of concerns about the spread of new variants of the coronavirus.

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