Twitter Adheres to EU Sanctions Against Russian State Media

Governmental advertisements are will no longer enabled on Twitter from Friday, 22 November. This is, for instance, paid advertising where people are known as upon to help a strategy or vote for a particular politician.


CEO Jack Dorsey had already suggested last month which he wished to ban governmental ads. Nevertheless it was not yet clear during those times what kinds of advertising and marketing the new rule would pertain to.

Now Twitter has released additional information. All advertising that identifies ‘a choice, political get together, elected or appointed authorities selection, referendum and established voting measure,guidelines and restrictions, directive or judicial outcome’ will no longer be accepted.

There may also be limitations for commercials which are specifically directed at particular geographical locations.

There exists huge interpersonal pressure on social networking organizations to prevent agreeing to advertisements that spread bogus details and may impact elections. Twitter distinguishes itself from rival Facebook, which does not remain when it comes to governmental advertising.

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