Huawei Takes Sweden to Court for Exclusion from 5G Rollout

The United Kingdom Limits Chinese Telecom Manufacturer Huawei’s Role in 5g Networks. The Chinese telecom manufacturer Huawei may supply parts for British 5G networks, but those may not be for the core of the network.


Huawei is also not allowed to provide parts for use in the vicinity of “sensitive locations” such as military bases or nuclear power plants, the British National Security Council has decided.

Huawei and other suppliers with an increased risk may supply a maximum of 35 percent of the required equipment. The National Security Council continues to evaluate that limit. The permitted share of high-risk companies can still decrease.

The Chinese company is controversial because, according to critics, it has too close ties with the Chinese government and the equipment would be used for spying. The United States, among others, have banned Huawei. That country had exerted pressure on the United Kingdom to ban Huawei.

Huawei denies that it cooperates in espionage. Among other things, the Chinese have, in recent years offered to share the blueprints of their equipment with the security services of Western countries.

In response, the company says it is “reassured” that the British government is helping them build 5G infrastructure in the country.

Entrepreneurial organization Confederation of British Industry calls the decision a “wise compromise” whereby the United Kingdom “has access to the latest technology”, but also incorporates the “necessary safeguards”.

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