Junta Myanmar is Considering Plans for Neighbouring Countries

A group of politicians representing the impeached government of Myanmar has collected more than 180,000 pieces of evidence against the junta.


They show that the military is guilty of “large-scale human rights violations”, they say.

Myanmar has been very unsettled since the army took power on February 1. According to a local human rights organization, nearly 600 people died in protests against military rule, including 50 children. Of the about 3,500 detainees, 2,750 are still in prison.

Head of Government Aung San Suu Kyi and other key politicians have been detained since the coup. A number of parliamentarians from her party have collected evidence against the junta and will submit these documents to various UN organizations.

Their lawyers also meet with a committee established in 2018 to investigate crimes in Myanmar independently.

These politicians say they have gathered evidence of more than 540 extrajudicial killings, ten deaths in prisons, torture and disproportionate use of security forces’ force against peaceful protests. The army claims to use reasonable force in the demonstrations against dangerous and armed demonstrators.

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