Austrian Prosecutor Investigates Mouth Mask Manufacturer

The recorded death toll from the coronavirus in Germany has risen by 45 to 8302 in the past 24 hours.


This is 35 more than a day earlier, according to figures from the Robert Koch-Institut. That is the German RIVM.

The number of infections detected increased by 432 and stood at 179,002. The 24 hours before that they were raised by 289.

The German states of Saxony and Thuringia have announced on Monday, June 6, that they want to be rid of virtually all corona measures.

Both states are located in former East Germany and together have more than six million inhabitants. There are few infections and therefore want to “open everything again”, with at most a few exceptions.

The sixteen German states have many powers and generally set out their own corona policy.

Chancellor Angela Merkel’s efforts to get them in line often come up against accusations that she is acting too hesitantly now and the lockdown is killing the economy.

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