Taliban Attack Again, The Peace Agreement Buried

In the Afghan city of Kunduz, at least sixteen Afghan soldiers died in an attack by the Taliban, an Islamic fundamentalist organization that controls a large part of the country.


The United States responded to the attack with an air raid on the Taliban fighters. This weekend, the US and the Taliban signed a peace agreement that was supposed to end the war in Afghanistan, but little of it seems to have survived.

In the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, the Taliban attacked several Afghan government checkpoints, and a few hours later, the US responded with an air raid.

According to a spokesman for the Afghan Ministry of Defense, there have been different confrontations between the government forces and the Taliban in the last twenty-four hours in nine different provinces.

At least 15 Afghan soldiers were killed in that attack in Kunduz, in the far north of Afghanistan. There might also be ten soldiers kidnapped by the Taliban.

This morning the US reacted in the southern province of Helmand with an air raid against Taliban fighters. This is the first American attack since the peace agreement a few days ago.

“The fighters were attacking a checkpoint from the Afghan government,” Colonel Sonny Leggett defends the intervention on Twitter.

“The US still has peace as its goal, but then the Taliban must now stop the unnecessary attacks and stick to the conditions it entered into this weekend in the peace agreement.”

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