Sony Cannot Keep Up With Strong Demand for PlayStation 5

Sony cannot keep up with the high demand for the PlayStation 5 game console (PS5). The Japanese tech company warned a group of analysts that there would be a shortage in supplies until next year.


Sony sold 7.8 million copies of the PS5 in the past fiscal year, which ran through April. In the current financial year, this must be at least 14.8 million, which is Sony’s aim.

However, since its introduction in November, the game console has been challenging to obtain due to the shortages of parts such as chips, which more companies worldwide face.

According to Sony, the demand for the device remains high, also helped by the corona crisis, which means that people who are forced to stay at home have to look for entertainment. The PS5 should also be able to match the famous predecessor PlayStation 4 in terms of sales. Of these, nearly 116 million have been sold to date.

To keep up with demand, the company wants to increase production quickly. Even after the crisis is over, Sony believes the PS5 will remain popular.

However, the number of monthly active users on the PlayStation network fell to 109 million from January to March from 114 million a quarter earlier, suggesting that people are increasingly seeking entertainment outside the door.

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