Pope Wants Climate Summit to Give Hope to Future Generations

Pope Francis believes that political leaders at the COP26 climate summit should give future generations “concrete hope” with their approach to climate change.


According to the spiritual leader of the Roman Catholic Church, there must be an “urgent” response.

“It is essential that each of us is committed to this urgent change of course,” the Pope told BBC Radio. “The political decision-makers meeting in Glasgow are urged to respond effectively to the current ecological crisis.”

It is not the Pope’s first message in the run-up to the summit that begins Sunday. Earlier this month, he joined nearly 40 other religious leaders to call on government leaders for “urgent, radical and responsible action” to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The Pope has previously called for action on climate change and held talks with political leaders. He will do so again on Friday when he receives US President Joe Biden, who is at the G20 summit in Rome this weekend, at the Vatican.

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