Places You Must Visit on Island Hopping Tours Thailand

Are you planning for the fantastic island hopping tours Thailand? As Thailand, is called as the land of paradise and the land of smile. Thailand has so many places to visit for backpackers, from beaches, islands, villages to cities. Thailand comes under those countries where if you go once, you want to return them again and again.


Below are the top places to visit when backpacking in Thailand


1. Must Visit Koh Tao when backpacking Thailand:
Koh Tao is one of the favourite places of backpacker; it mostly is known as for snorkelling and diving. It is one of the cheapest places in the world where you can get the driving license for the SCUBA dive. It situated in the northernmost part of Chumphon Surat/Archipelago Thani island. This city has a very incredible marine, with a variety of species.

Here you will see the beautiful world in underwater along with the coastal hideouts, idyllic long stretches of seaside and beach retreats. When you backpack to Thailand, you will view several hilltops on the main island that offers a lovely view that covers sparkling sea and beautiful beaches having white sand.

2. Must go to Full Moon party when the plan for island hopping tours Thailand:
On the full moon night, there is the group of tourist who stumbles upon the Koh Phangan; they feel that it is the most splendid night with the entire month. People organise the parties at the full moon, with the beaches of Haad Rin. You will feel so exciting here; you will see here plenty of people who come here across the world for parties.

It is one of the most joyful parties in Thailand. Go here do dance, and explore many other parties too, such as Black Moon. Shiva Moon, and Half Moon. It is one of the most excellent places to visit for backpackers.

3. Visit Koh Samui when backpacking Thailand:
It’s famous for its luxurious offering, secluded private spas and resorts, exotic beaches, and tropical Jungle. You will find here delicious coconuts. An inhabitant of Koh Samui use fruits during cooking of tasty curries, that become very delicious and tasty. If you want to enjoy night beaches parties, a spot for the sundowners then plan for the Chaweng Beach when backpacking Thailand.

4. Visit Lopburi when the plan for island hopping tours Thailand:
Lopburi is one of the oldest city in Thailand, and Lopburi is the former capital of Thailand. Lopburi has the long history, these days it is known as the largest population of the crab-eating macaques. When you backpack to Thailand, monkeys find everywhere, who are very naughty, so keep you’re your eyes on your bags, and hold your hat and sunglasses carefully.

You will find here several historical sights too, such as Shrine Phra Kan and Palace of King Narai’s. There is also excellent rock climbing, and hiking outside the city, if you are looking for more exciting things.

5. Don’t miss National Park of Khao Sok when backpacking Thailand:
Most of the travellers spend most of their time in island hopping and coasts. But you should take the break from beach bumming, and try to go hiking in the national park. Khao Sok is a gorgeous natural national park in Thailand, where you can visit easily for the view days when visiting between coasts.

This park has a lot of waterfalls, a few caves, most fabulous virgin forest. There is a beautiful lake present that has floating guesthouses. There are plenty of hiking trails, and you will find here a peaceful environment for your mind relaxation.

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