Parliament Has A Special Committee to Investigate the Capitol Storming

The US parliament has an independent, outside committee investigating the Capitol parliament building’s storming on January 6.


The commission will be similar to the one deployed after the radical Islamic attacks of September 11, 2001, on New York and Washington.

The committee must establish facts and causes, said Speaker of the House of Representatives of Congress, Nancy Pelosi. The readiness and response of the Capitol Police and other law enforcement officials are also being looked at.

Five people, including an agent, were killed in the attack by supporters of then President Trump. The stampede caused a shock: it was seen as an attack on democracy and threatened a peaceful transfer of power.

An attempt by the Democrats in Congress to punish Republican Trump for his role in the storming failed. Too few of the ex-president’s party members agreed.

As a result, there were insufficient Senate votes for a conviction, namely not the required two-thirds majority.

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