Neon vs LED Displays and Their Environmental Impact

If you are here today, you probably heard the news that neon lights are back in Business. And now you want to know whether neon lights are better or the LED displays are right, both for your Business and for the environment.

For starters, if we talk from the business perspective, honestly, neon lights are a better option because these lights are colourful, they are bright, and they will make your store stand out among all the other ones. On the other hand, the LED lights are cost-effective, and they are energy efficient too, so yes, the decision between the two can be a little tricky.

Now, to clear this confusion out for you, we are going to jot down the environmental impact of LED displays and neon signs right in front of you. Analyse the benefits and then make a decision yourself about what you need.

Benefits Of Neon Lights

Neon Lights Are Durable
If you don’t want to increase the waste in the world and if you care about the Earth and the growing carbon footprint, then you need to opt for neon lights. Neon lights are more durable, and these lights can last from 6 years to 10 years. On the other hand, an LED light needs to be replaced or changed after every few months, and that means more waste generation, which is not suitable for our environment.

Neon Lights Are Good For Advertising Your store or Business
If you want to make your store prominent or if you want to highlight your office space, then you need neon lights. These lights come in different bright colours, and the best part is that now you can even customise the neon signage for your Business. More people will visit your store due to the attractive light, and these people will then become your customers.

Benefits Of LED Lights

They are Energy Efficient
LED lights are energy-efficient, and this is the best and the most crucial benefit. If you want lesser electricity bills and if you’re going to save energy for the Earth then yes, LED lights are a good-to-go option. These lights use only 10 watts of electricity, which is a win-win for you and for the planet Earth too.

These Lights Can Be Programmed
You can program the LED lights just according to the occasion. But this option isn’t available when it comes to the neon lights. Once you get neon signage customised, it will stay the same forever until you want to replace it. But the LED lights, on the other hand, can be changed on the spot and they can be programmed just the way you want.

These are some of the primary benefits of neon lights and LED displays. We hope that now, it’s pretty much clear to you on what to use. As far as our suggestion is concerned, you should find neon sign makers & designers right now if you want your store or office to stand out. It’s a tried and tested fact that neon signs always work for businesses.

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