More Than Half of Americans Satisfied With Biden's First 100 Days

According to two polls published Sunday, more than half of Americans think he is doing well about 100 days after President Joe Biden’s inauguration. The Biden government’s approach to corona is particularly appreciated.


In a poll by ABC News and The Washington Post, the Democratic president gets the approval of 52 percent of respondents. 42 percent of them are dissatisfied with the first hundred days of Biden’s presidency. In a poll by NBC News, 53 percent were satisfied, and 39 percent were critical.

Americans seem to be broadly satisfied with the Biden administration’s corona policy as new infections and deaths begin to decline after last winter’s high peak. Advances in the American vaccination program are also driving Biden’s popularity figures.

No less than 64 percent of the adult respondents in the ABC poll are positive about the corona approach. The same is true for 69 percent of the people surveyed by NBC. Only 27 percent of them reacted disapprovingly. “We don’t know if this is still part of the honeymoon in the first hundred days or if it will last longer,” said Democratic pollster Jeff Horwitt.

In both polls, 52 percent was positive about Biden’s economic policy. Americans are less positive about immigration policy: 53 percent and 59 percent of respondents, respectively, disapprove of the Biden government’s immigration policy.

The opinion of the respondents is strongly related to political preference. Only one in three Republicans surveyed supports Biden’s corona policy, and 78 percent of Republicans strongly disapprove of Biden’s first 100 days in the White House. This may also be related to vaccination coverage: 82 percent of Democrats surveyed said they had been vaccinated against corona, versus 45 percent of Republicans.

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