Queen is Not Going to Garden Parties at Buckingham Palace Due to Health

The Queen has always been nice to Meghan, the wife of her grandson Prince Harry. The Duchess of Sussex stated this on Sunday evening in the broadcast of the conversation she had earlier with Oprah Winfrey.


“I always enjoyed her company,” said Meghan of the head of state. “She was always very warm and inviting.” She also reminisced about her first meeting with Elizabeth, which came quite unexpectedly.

She and Harry were having lunch with other family members when they found out that the Queen, whom the former actress called by her title, “Her Majesty the Queen”, was nearby.

In the interview, the Duchess said that the idea that the two would meet came up quite spontaneously and that Harry had to show her how to bow to a queen in the car on the way to his grandmother. “I really thought that was something they only did in a public setting, that that was part of the show.”

At that moment, she said to Harry, “But she’s your grandmother!” To which the prince replied, “It’s the queen”. The American stated that that was the moment “when the penny fell” about the formalities within a royal family.

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