Mayor of the City Near Kyiv Calls on Residents to Leave

The mayor of Boryspil, about 30 kilometres southeast of Kyiv, has called on some of its residents to leave the city due to fighting in the area.


As in the other places around the Ukrainian capital, the population is very concerned about the threat of possible Russian attacks.

According to Mayor Volodimir Borisenko, it is unnecessary to stay in Boryspil. He has said that the men are better off defending the city when the women and children are gone. The city has a total of about 60,000 inhabitants.

An adviser to Ukraine’s interior minister has said panic has erupted in Boryspil over rumours of a Russian attack on Wednesday that would destroy the city. People are also said to be in panic in other places around Kyiv.

Fighting has been going on for weeks in the Kyiv area. According to Ukraine, the capture of Kyiv is one of the main goals of Russia. A presidential adviser has described the mission as a suicide mission for Russian soldiers.

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