Iran Opens Mosques Especially for Holy Feast of Faith

In Iran, the mosques will open especially next week for Laylat al-Qadr, one of the holiest moments of the year for Muslims.


Within Islam, it is then celebrated that the prophet Mohammed was first given the Quran by order of Allah. Iranian mosques were locked in March due to the coronavirus, but the government will make an exception next week.

The Islamic houses of worship will open for three nights next week. People can then come to pray if they keep their distance.

Many ceremonies will also be held outside, authorities said Tuesday. The elderly, sick and children are asked to stay at home.

Despite the temporary reopening of mosques, the Iranian health minister called for restraint.

“The biggest strategic mistake now is to think that the coronavirus is over,” said Saeed Namaki. “Due to negligence, we can return to bad conditions at any time.”

Iran has been most severely affected by the virus in the Middle East. More than 6,700 people died there from its consequences, at least 110,000 Iranians were infected.

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