Injured Woman Rescued From Slovenian Cave After 30 Hours

A woman injured after a boulder hit her head in a cave in Slovenia has been rescued after 30 hours. The 33-year-old woman was seriously injured and found herself in an unprecedented cave system near Cerknica, and the Slovenian rescue service told the STA news agency.

According to reports, a medical rescue team was able to reach the injured woman, who was unconscious, fairly quickly and administer first aid.

Freeing her from her predicament and out of the cave afterwards was not so easy. She was eventually taken out of the cave on a stretcher on Monday. Doctors at Ljubljana University Hospital say her condition is life-threatening.

Several caves in Slovenia are known for their limestone and can be visited by tourists. The most famous caves with stalactites are those of Postojna, where a train runs through a narrow corridor. In nearby Cerknica is the Cross Cave, with underground lakes, considered one of the most beautiful water caves in the world.

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