Google's New AI Features Write Entire Emails or Presentations

Google has announced a new suite of features that work with advanced artificial intelligence (AI). For example, Google now has tools that help users write emails or texts based on a few keywords.

With the new functions, Google hopes to compete with generative AI programs such as ChatGPT and Dall-E, which create texts or images based on entered search terms.

In Google Docs, it will soon be possible to quickly produce texts on an empty page after entering a few keywords. New AI features should also make it possible to summarize or rank a stream of emails in Gmail. The tech company also announces functions that automatically find images and sound clips for presentations.

Google emphasizes that it wants to use AI responsibly. That means users always have the final say on the texts or images they create.

Open AI
Google also revealed that other developers could use some AI models that form the basis for new features. In addition, the company is entering into partnerships with several AI-focused companies and start-ups.

The announcements are in response to the products OpenAI has recently released. That company is advanced with generative AI, or artificial intelligence, that creates texts or images after simple instructions. In addition, OpenAI just announced a new version of its AI platform GPT, creating Dall-E and ChatGPT.

Google set itself years ago to be the great forerunner in AI. But, according to American media, the rapid development of GPT by OpenAI caused a crisis atmosphere at the search engine company, which would have declared ‘code red’ internally to avoid falling behind.

On Thursday, Competitor Microsoft is expected to announce how it integrates AI into its Office software. This company recently decided to invest 10 billion in OpenAI in the coming years.

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